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Agreement for use

1.Purpose Is O-palans Ltd. (Hereafter, it is said, "Our company") a special website "in which our company manages it FRIEAM〜 baseball cheap mail order site〜(http://frieam.net http://www.frieam.jp)」(Hereafter, referred to as "Our site"This rule is provided so that the site may be managed properly and smoothly and the customer use the service comfortably.
2.Agreement Please confirm "Guidance of use" described in on "This rule" and the site well when our site is used for the customer. The customer considers that it was agreed the content of "This rule" and "Guidance of use" when our site is used.
3.Observance When our site is used, the customer assumes the one to observe the content of "This rule" and "Guidance of use". Our company assumes the one that the stop of dealings by the customer and use thereafter can be refused to the content of "This rule" and "Guidance of use" by any chance when it is violated.
4.Individual Individual regulations might be provided when each service of our site is used. In that case, it becomes a condition that the agreement of each regulations uses.
5.Prohibited It is prohibited to do the act of the following each title for the use of our site. Damage our company, other customers, and other third party's rights, the profits, and honor, etc. , disturb the management of our site, and order the commodity without the intention bought for the act truth that might interfere to the render of service. It has dealings disguising it as others, information on false is input, it violates the law, and it is provided that our company besides violating various rule and regulations to which our company provides that it contradicts public order and morals is illegal.
6.Revision of rule Our company assumes the one that the content of "This rule" and "Guidance of use" can be properly revised. "This rule" The revision of the content of "Guidance of use" assumes the one to have the notice on our site and to generate the effect, and, and, assumes the use of this following sites to be the one that the content of "This rule" after it revises it and "Guidance of use" is applied.
7.Copyright All information being offered on our site and the copyright of the image belong to our company or the informer
8.Immunity It is assumed the one that all or parts can be changed properly and be abolished among services on our site, and, as a result, the one that it doesn't assume the responsibility at all of our company is damage caused in the customer. Our company doesn't guarantee to violate the truth, accuracy, the latest, and utility, reliability or legal neither or third-party right of the content of information offered free of charge on our site at all. The one of our company that it doesn't assume the responsibility at all is damage caused in the customer for the service of damage and our other site caused by the unlawful computer access to the disappearance of the interruption, the delay, discontinuance, and the data of the system due to the troubles such as telecommunication lines and computers and data.
9.Others The relation between the customer and our company is assumed to be the one that a Japanese method is applied. It is assumed the one tried for the solution with sincerity of both when the dispute is generated between the customer and our company by any chance, and when the lawsuit is unavoidably needed, the exclusive mutual agreement jurisdiction court of the first trial assumes the one that our company will decide it.