O-Plans Corporation O-Plans Corporation

Rapid progress of technologies in recent years makesus feel computers have been leveled up excessively.

Performance of the CPU in them has been improved, and it is no doubt that they have been evoluted and improved exceesively since published in the world, needless to say, every related devices have been improved and the Internet has been familiar with many more people.
To the contrary, there are many imperfect systems such as "the system that don't meed the demand of customers" and " the system which don't assure stability, trust and support after published.", and such systems that emphasize and believe only state-of-the art technologies are created and used in the field that experienced rapid change of the progress.
When we design system solutions, we emphasize the following points that "we develop the systems meeting the demand of cuctomers accurately" and "the safer and stabler system that hardly distress system engineers". We will offer, develop and support "the systems which can survive this time and foresee the future".

It goes without saying that we develop and offer the system that consider the importance of state-of-the-art technologies and utility, and I believe it helps realizing your idea as a last resort.
President Atsushi Sugai