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Protection of individual information policy

About the acquisition of individual information I will acquire customer's individual information within the appropriate ranges of the estimate, purchase, and the inquiry, etc. of the commodity. Moreover, it acquires it by legal and a fair means.
About the purpose of use of individual information
Sending out product ordered and sending such as catalogs and DM
Information of active conduct of business concerning our company and profitable information
Statistical data creation for marketing, sales promotion, and product planning (However, the individual cannot be specified).
I will use individual information on the order and payment, etc. that was going to do the report acquisition for the purpose of above.
About the arbitrariness of an individual dissemination About "* indispensability" and the item that is, it satisfies in space and the form that fills in customer's individual information and it cannot satisfy the demand from the customer because the customer cannot be recognized when not filled in though filling in individual information (input) is arbitrary.
About the presentation and disclosing individual information It offers or it ..third party.. doesn't indicate it without obtaining the person in question's agreement beforehand. However, when the indication request by the law etc. is received, I will assume the exception.
About the consignment of individual information The deliveries of the commodity and the catalog, etc. to the business consignment company that contracts and floats and has concluded the secret maintenance contract concerning individual information such as the collection consignment companies for the trader of delivering to home and the commodity price unpaid, individual information that our company was going to acquire from the customer is never consigned, except when the handling of individual information is consigned within the range necessary for the achievement of the purpose of use specified for the customer.
About use and the offer discontinuance of individual information I will correspond appropriately and promptly when there is an offer of the discontinuance of use and the offer even if it is time when it wins consent from the customer, and uses and is offering information concerned by our company. However, at least necessary information in our management cannot be deleted.
About the safety management of individual information It lectures on prevention and the corrective action to the leaking of private information, the downfall, and the damage, etc. that our company has, and appropriate security countermeasures are taken. S SL encrypted communication is used and protected on this site. Moreover, the prevention of the influence on the customer is assumed to be top priority when the accident occurs by any chance and prompt correspondence is done.
About the change in the protection of individual information policy The law concerning individual information and other standards are observed, and it changes in the law and each item is changed if necessary.