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As follows, I will introduce two operation divisions that become pillars of O-plans.

It was start-up in the spring of 2009, and " laboratory" (ECM division) aimed at the business where end user's voice was felt familiar, and becomes an operation division that handled the WEB site and the advertisement.

"SEO measures and PPC advertisement"「EC site project〜Management」 A wide business that makes a large-scale enterprise a target is developed from the small scale such as "Community site management for the consumer". Moreover, the hot technology is taken into the proven technology, and it aims at the system without the compromise in reliable results in "System division" that centers on SI matter that O-plans has handled up to now.

Moreover, to polish the firm technology that O-plans had built up up to now further, 「Technical Support Center」 was started up newly than September, 2009. As a result, it became possible to provide high service of the quality more than before.

「Guide of " laboratory"(ECM division)

The ECM division was newly started up in O-plans, and the name was assumed to be " laboratory".

I will support various scenes concerning WEB by using the latest technique. It is possible any to be type of business, to be service, and to correspond. It is seemingly power of the Internet in a type of business and service not related to the Internet that an unexpected result goes up.

Please still consult about the WEB site and feel free to consult about the person who is not possession to say nothing of the person who has the WEB site. Surely, I will make "For " proposal.

" laboratory" Please see "
laboratory HP"(O-plans ECM division Ltd.)
if you want to learn in detail.


SEO measures and PPC advertisement

Recently,get customer in the search engine is a very important technique. It is a technique that the barrel one is SEO measures and is called PPC and LPO. I not only individually optimize by our company but also will combine two or more techniques, invent the synergy effect, and offer E-commerce & marketing to specialize in target (purchase and member registration, etc.) achievement by repeating the plan, practice, the verification, and the improvement.

EC site project, consulting, and management

EC site where the user and the manager use easily and sales go up is planned, is consulting, and handled widely as management etc.I will support EC site from a viewpoint the overall as a variety of the advertisement and advertising media are synchronized.

Site of support of manager of baseball team「Baseball team. JP」

drinking.. as a community site for the management consumer

Site of support of manager of baseball team「Baseball team. JP」

is served.


In-house entire 〜It plans and it develops with It executes it to management. Please keep adding the function to stand in feelings on the side like the WEB scorebook function and scheduling management functions etc. used, and use it for about 1200 baseball teams now. "Easiness that stands in the user eye line to use" will be pursued in the future, and we offer the high performance community site that can be used by various scenes.

Guide of "System division"

There is no concept "For the time being" in O-plans. I pursue "Highest thing" because I hit some things. It makes an effort to offer "Highest thing" at any time every day though the business support in the field with various computers is developed from the project and the consulting to system construction, the evaluation, and TECHNICAL SUPPORT. Easiness that stands in the user eye line to use aims at system construction and development that values an of course thing and the future extendibility and maintainability, and bears a detailed information gathering by close communications of the client and related companies in mind. Furthermore, it will correspond to the consultations of the network (Internet and Intranet) and the environmental construction data management and the OA systematization, etc. with heartfelt sincerity and feel free to inquire, please.

Project and consulting

I will propose the informationization means with a high cost performance regardless of the sizes of the platform, the type of business, and scales such as new system construction that solves the problem of Enterprise Management and maintenance and customizing an existing system. I will have "Stick to" from the selection of hardware that examines the project, the purpose, the budget, and the delivery date, etc. overall to the proposal of the system of the project and the schedule by the consultant who has the considerable experience and correspond.

System construction

I will make good use of reliable results and the latest technology, and help the construction of "It stuck to easiness to use" system that agreed with business needs for the client. It aims at efficient development that doesn't disturb the schedule by straightening the system of the project that doesn't overwork. The assumed operation was considered, and it becomes possible to offer the system with high reliability by organizing the evaluation team that evaluates it under a severe examination environment.

Support service

Experienced engineers of operation and the maintenance, etc. of the system and each service constructed with our company will propose the best support according to the situation of the client.

When turning over, it analyzes, it comes near about the system and the service under operation already, and good management is possible, I will propose it as much as possible. Please let me hear any hope for the automation of the operation that it is a current state, and is the manual operation etc. from the brush up of the system that has become complex too much. It is opposite from the front and faces the solution.

Guide of "Technical Support Center"

To aim at the most prominent in a technical field, 「Technical Support Center」 was started up.

We will take charge of the technical, uppermost style process corresponding to requests such as the method examinations and the prototype making.

It aims at the team of professionals that leads strengthening the quality of the entire O-plans and manages the latest technology by doing technical support of other operation divisions.


Please feel free to consult when there are an uncertain point and a

demand, etc.

We will wait for the report with O-plans Sales